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We at Reroot Solutions LLP are a team of professionals with vast experience in implementing various software solutions and other customized applications in reputed Real Estate organizations like Prestige Group, Mantri Developers, Sobha Developers and many more.

With our experience of 15+ years in software implementation projects, we realized that there are a lot more processes that can be automated and streamlined. There is no ready to use and user friendly solution available comprehensively in any product. Hence, we came up with an idea of designing an end to end solution which can help developers manage all the processes of real estate business. To mitigate the perennial issues encountered by almost all developers, we have developed a most efficient Sales and CRM process management solution, "Reroot". This solution will dissipate all your process gaps from the roots.

Ideal solution for an organization depends on several factors and demands continuous review and improvisations. The biggest challange in implementing a software system is fundamentally in identifying the flexibility you need in the system as opposed to validations and controls.

As it may be very impelling to automate the complete process in the enthusiasm of transforming your organisation, it is very critical to implement a process which gives your organisation the required suppleness with controls in critical transactions.

We are fortunate to have a combination of team members who have been on both sides of the table in various implementation cycles playing the role of internal implementation managers and external technology solution providers over the past 15 years.

We strongly believe that our understanding of your software needs is second to none.

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